Fieldwork completed

Possibilities for participation

Example of a square kilometre

Example of a square kilometre
Photo: © Swiss Ornithological Institute

Fieldwork is completed. Until the end of 2016 volunteers were able to support the project in the following ways:

  • By taking charge of one or several atlas squares (10 x 10 km)
  • By assisting in one or several atlas squares, e.g. by mapping birds in one or several square kilometres (1 x 1 km)
  • By consistent reporting of all your observations to
  • Are you interested in voluntary fieldwork in a not so well covered area or in assisting special tasks (e.g. surveying colony-breeding birds)?
  • Do you have a holiday home or a holiday apartment which you could place at the disposal of collaborators?
  • Please support the atlas with a donation or sponsor a breeding bird!

Please note the requirements for collaborators (text in German, French or Italian). This is to ensure the quality of fieldwork and the comparability within the project. These requirements apply especially to taking charge of whole atlas squares, when mapping birds in 1 x 1 km squares and in case of specific fieldwork.

Further information: see text in German, French or Italian.