Fieldwork completed


Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle
Photo: © Markus Varesvuo

Data collection takes place from 2013 to 2016. Like with the atlas of 1993–1996, Switzerland is divided into 467 10 x 10 km atlas squares.

The method is similar to the one of the last atlas. The species will be divided into the following categories: widespread species, rare species, rare species on the Swiss Plateau and in the Jura, colony-breeding birds as well as colony-breeding birds in towns and villages.

Anybody can take part in recording data for the new atlas of breeding birds. You can support the project by taking charge of a specific atlas square, by mapping 1 x 1 km squares, by specifically recording colony-breeding birds and by consistently recording your observations on

This gives the individual collaborator a chance to take part in the largest field ornithology project to be carried out at present in Switzerland, furthermore to get to know new areas and to gain a deeper insight into the wild bird population of a region. You can also share your experiences with other collaborators on the forum or benefit from their knowledge.