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Blue Tit

Blue Tit
Photo: © Emile Barbelette

Birds need a wide variety of habitats and structures. Therefore the development of the distribution of breeding birds shows very well how our landscape changes and what are the consequences for nature.

The new atlas of breeding birds is the third in a row and covers together with the Historical Atlas of Breeding Birds a period of over 60 years. As the Atlas 1993–1996 it will accurately depict the distribution and density of all Swiss breeding birds. The decline in density of many species despite a more or less stable distribution will clearly evolve for the first time.

As the forerunners, the new atlas will be a milestone for research on birds in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. It will also be a new base for nature conservation.

We hope that the project will stimulate ornithology in Switzerland in similar ways as the atlas project in the nineties did. We want to create a common work that can be achieved only with as many volunteers as possible. Here you find all information, explanations of the atlas method as well as the possibilities for participation around this project.