Fieldwork completed

Health and safety

Blanket of snow in the mountains

Blanket of snow in the mountains
Photo: © Marcel Burkhardt

Atlas fieldwork contains certain risks, especially when driving (primarily when returning after a strenuous survey) and also when surveying in uninhabited, remote and difficult (exposed) terrain. There are also risks when working along roads. Ultimately, the collaborators are responsible for their own safety and decide about their actions and equipment.
When carrying out fieldwork for the atlas, please observe following rules apart from the co-dex of honour for atlas collaborators:

  • Do not take any unnecessary risks! The Swiss Ornithological Institute declines all responsibility in case of accidents. However, there is an insurance coverage for the collaborators on the part of the Swiss Ornithological Institute.
  • Please take the necessary safety precautions during surveys, especially in difficult terrain, and possibly take someone to accompany you. Just in case, have someone raise the alarm if you do not report back as agreed.
  • The welfare of the birds always comes first! Work carefully and avoid unnecessary searching for nests and nest disturbances.
  • Respect farmland and private property! Use public paths for recordings whenever possible.
  • Use the car moderately!

The most important guideline is: do not take any unnecessary risk, if you have any concerns, break off the survey. Safety first!

In case of injuries or accidents and in case of emergency, please contact us immediately.