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Classification of species

Citril Finch

Citril Finch
Photo: © Beat Rüegger

The classification of species is similar to the atlas 1993–1996. The species are subdivided into five categories. The minimum target is to record at least one valid observation for all species per atlas square so that a complete species list can be presented in the end.

  • Widespread species: over the whole of Switzerland or at least in certain areas more or less widespread species
  • Rare species: rare species or species difficult to record and species of special conserva-tion interest
  • Rare species (Swiss Plateau, Jura): Species which are more or less widespread in the Alps but scarce and markedly declining on the Swiss Plateau and in the Jura
  • Colony-breeding birds: species that breed in colonies
  • Colony-breeding birds (towns and villages): species that breed in colonies especially in towns and villages

The complete species list classified into the five categories can be found here (text in German, French or Italian).