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Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow
Photo: © Sales Nussbaumer

Serious pre-fieldwork preparation is essential and vital for the success of data acquisition. Please read these instructions thoroughly, memorise them and ask the atlas team if there are any queries!

An as complete a species list as possible is to be compiled per atlas square (10 x 10 km). In addition, territory mapping is carried out in 5 square kilometres (1 x 1 km) in one of the four years. Finally the habitats of rare species, rare species on the Swiss Plateau and in the Jura, colony-breeding birds as well as colony-breeding birds in towns and villages are to be thoroughly checked so that the distribution based on 1 x 1 km of these species is as complete as possible.

Territory mapping in the square kilometres should be done during time periods when the expected breeding birds are likely to be present during at least two survey visits. The individual visits are to take place with an interval of at least one week.

If you are still uncertain as to the songs and calls of the expected species, previous field practice and sound recordings can help solve the problem. For certain species you can find the voices at Atlaswiki/FAQ (e.g. Willow Tit, Alpine Tit).

Enter your data on The analysis of the territory-mapping in the square kilometres takes place at

Further information: see text in German, French or Italian.